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Rolfing® SI


What is Rolfing®? 

Hands on manipulation of connective tissue, paired with body awareness and education to bring structural ease and balance to your body. Relieves pain, improves posture, changes lives!


How does Rolfing® Work?

Rolfing® uses a unique approach to pain management because it addresses the underlying cause of pain or discomfort AND trains the body to prevent that underlying cause from returning in the future. Through the use of bodywork, a Certified Rolfer™ will work with the body's connective tissue to allow muscles and bones to move with less restriction. Without restriction, the body's structure can return to its balanced state. 


What Will a Rolfer™ do? 

Using their fingers, hands and elbows, Rolfers slowly work through layers of connective tissue to change structural patterns in the body by transforming fascial patterns and releasing restrictions. Finally, a Rolfer™ will help to train you on how to prevent underlying causes of pain from coming back.

What Are Benefits of Rolfing®? 

Rolfing has the ability to dramatically alter a person’s posture and structure. It works towards resolving discomfort, releasing tension and alleviating pain. It aims to restore flexibility, revitalize your energy and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body.


Who is Rolfing® For? 

  • Those with chronic or acute pain
  • Those looking for body awareness, improved balance, increased flexibility
  • Those seeking better posture
  • Athletes wanting to improve their performance
  • Those seeking injury prevention

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Save $40 on an Introductory 3 Session Rolfing Package.

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Allie Burleson

Certified Rolfer