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Secrets of Natural Walking

For more information, call (828) 386-1172 or click here.

About Dianna:

Dianna Lee worked as an independent midwife for 15 years before devoting her studies and practice to therapies addressing the whole body and how we heal.

She has practiced alongside of chiropractors and physical therapists for over 15 years offering hands-on care. She has also studied herbology and iridology, and is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. Combining these skills gives her a deeper ability to address body imbalances using the best matched modalities for optimum results.

She has been studying Reiki Tummo healing work for over 10 years, spending a month to six weeks each year in advanced training for this healing practice. Finding the Open Heart meditation has helped her with her own healing, and it is an active part of the services she provides.

Cancellation Policy: Full payment is required to reserve space in this workshop. If you have reserved a spot and cancel your registration more than 3 days prior to the date of the workshop, you will be refunded the registration cost in Center credit, less a $10.00 fee for processing. If you cancel your registration with less than 3 days notice, you will be refunded 1/2 the registration cost in Center credit. If you cancel your registration with less than 24 hours notice or do not attend the event for which you have reserved a spot, no refund will be issued.

Step into Health: The Secrets of Natural Walking™

Sun, Feb 8, 2015
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

With Dianna Lee

Early Bird Registration (Before 11/30) $140.00
Regular Registration (After 11/30) $150.00

The Importance of Walking Properly and Naturally: 

Walking is so simple and something we all do many times a day, yet few do it properly. Over time, it is easy to pick up bad habits that make the way we walk not only less efficient, but possibly detrimental to our physical health and emotional well-being. By learning the Secrets of Natural Walking™, each step in our daily life becomes a beautiful opportunity to improve the condition of our whole being, including our body, mind, emotions, and heart. Just like the food we eat is not simply to fill an empty stomach, the steps we take are not simply to move our body from one place to another. During the workshop, the theory of Natural Walking™ is combined with interactive practical exercises to help guide participants to enjoy the many benefits from walking properly and naturally. 
Eating properly nourishes our body with essential vitamins and nutrients while walking naturally and properly helps to adjust our muscles, spine, individual discs, and meridians. In addition to assisting the physical body, proper natural walking also helps our emotional health, mind and connection to the spiritual heart.

Benefits of Natural Walking:

Through the Secrets of Natural Walking™, participants will learn to identify many common mistakes made in walking and how to fix them. Also, it is not uncommon for participants to begin enjoying the benefits of natural walking even before the workshop ends. Incorporating proper walking techniques addresses the root causes of problems, even those previously unknown, and naturally helps to correct them. Participants have reported: 

  • Relief from neck pain
  • Relief from back pain
  • Relief from knee pain
  • Improvements in metabolism and digestion
  • A toner and firmer body
  • Relief from pain associated with arthritis including swollen feet and joints
  • Improvement in blood sugar levels
  • Improvements in the quality of sleep
Our physical body has various abilities such as health maintenance, regeneration, and self-healing. Through learning the proper way to walk, the body's natural functions can be reawakened and operate with optimal efficiency and greater synergy.