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Procell Therapies™ MicroChanneling


About Procell Therapies™ MicroChannel:

Desiree Hecht, LE, is now pleased to offer Procell Therapies™ MicroChanneling with peptides, growth factors, and stem cell cytokines! MicroChanneling has quickly become one of the most sought-after and talked about treatments in aesthetic skincare.

MicroChanneling creates tiny perforations in the skin that initiate a natural healing response producing new collagen and elastin and resulting in firmer, healthier skin. Combined with a high potency delivery solution, post care serum, and healing accelerator, this process helps your body to create new, permanent, and HEALTHY skin!

In the last few years, Microchanneling has made a huge splash because of how effective it is and how quickly it works. Even with just one treatment, Microchanneling has been shown to improve the quality of the skin. A series of treatments will improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age-spots/sunspots, laxity and stretch marks, and can also stimulate hair growth for balding men and women!



Check out these amazing before and after photos of Procell Therapies™ MicroChanneling


Procell Therapies™ MicroChanneling
Prices and Packages:

-Single Sessions: $275

-Package of 3: $660

Package includes a free take home protein serum

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Desiree Hecht

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