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Kaya Regeneration Therapy

What is Kaya Regeneration Therapy?

Kaya Regeneration Therapy, or KRT is an ancient modality that has been used for centuries for longevity. This modality consists of the application of hot herbal oil formulations to the skin  using specially made herbal pouches as applicators and a rapid stroking technique. 

It is suspected that this unique application process simulates physiological metabolism. KRT is considered a health enhancing modality and may be practiced by massage therapists, physicians, and other natural health practitioners. 

It appears that the entire body responds to KRT via four different components of the skin which include:

Skin Component:


Vascular (blood vessels) Promotes increased blood flow
Neuronal (nerves) Facilitates increased production of neurotransmitters
Soft Tissue (skin cells) Triggers immune response and immune modulation
Connective Tissue Promotes the production fresh collagen and elastin fibers

It is believed that these physiological activities may promote longevity, which has historically been one of the primary indications for the application of Kaya Regeneration Therapy.

Theories Behind KRT

The human body changes with time. As we get older, there is a progressive reduction of our cells in their capacity to multiply. This is a major contributing factor in aging and is important in blood vessel and bone marrow tissue. Catabolism (cell breakdown) overtakes anabolism (cell repair). In the case of a growing child, the anabolic is greater than the catabolic response, but in an aging adult, catabolism predominates. The only time anabolism is predominant in an aging adult is when there is a physical injury. During such an event, the anabolic response takes over as part of the inflammation and repair mechanism. KRT simulates a whole body burn, resulting in an anabolic shift and with the body being flooded with new cells, repair begins and promotes an increase in production of freshly hydrated collagen and elastin. 

What to expect in a KRT Session

The client is draped comfortably on a  table in a warm, quiet, comfortable setting. Warm herbal oil is applied generously to the body. Next, hot herbal oil at 210 degrees is applied in a friction massage technique with the use of special herbal pouches (feels good, no burning). The client is then wrapped in drapes for 5 to 15 minutes and allowed to rest and to absorb what they are experiencing. While resting, a massage of face, scalp, and feet is given.

Learn more about our Kaya Regeneration Therapist:

Client Testimonials:

"The day following my Kaya session I felt better than I have felt in a long time. I felt like I always felt when I was young. My mind was alert and my thinking was clearer. I had more energy. It works! Thanks."

"I have been reaping the rewards of Debra's many professional skills from massage therapy, facials, reflexology and Kaya rejuvenation therapy for several year. I rely on Debra's knowledge to maintain healthier, more vibrant skin and overall w ell-being with absolute confidence. Debra always goes the extra mile with elegance and passion for her profession and her client. Finding a therapist of her expertise is rare. Thank you Debra for everything!"

"I have done the Kaya treatments with Debra many times over the last 10 years. I always feel wonderfully blissful during and after the treatment . I highly recommend it!"