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Ionic Detox Program


Reasons for using the Ionic Cleanse Detox System:

With everyday living in today's polluted and stressful environment, toxins can be absorbed from industrial pollution of air and water, lead pipes, fumes from lead-based paints, automobile exhaust, cosmetics, latex wall paint, some brands of tea, cheese, pharmaceutical drugs, Aspirin, table salt, etc. Chemicals in the form of pesticides, additives, tobacco, alcohol and preservatives found in all food, water and beauty products can burden our body. 

The body's exertion pathways may be able to counteract these negative influences for a time, yet become overwhelmed after long-term exposure resulting in the symptoms below. This build up of toxins throughout the body compromise our health and appearances. 

Symptoms of someone in need of a detox are numerous and may include:
Bags under the eyes
Poor sleep
Lowered Immunity
Dull Skin
Spots and acne
Hormone Imbalance
Mouth Ulcers
Difficulty waking up
Age Spots
Eczema and psoriasis

How the Ionic Foot Detox Works:

AC electricity is converted to low power DC electricity which flows through a patented electrode system that sits in the footpath. The electricity and the metal combine to split the water molecule into H= and OH- ions. these ions travel through the body, neutralize oppositely charged particles and through powerful osmotic pressure pull those neutralized particles out of the body through whatever skin surface is in contact with the water.

Detox Color Chart:

Color or Particle:

Material or Area/System of the Body:

Yellow Green Kidney, bladder, reproductive system
Orange Brown Joints, muscles
Dark Green Gall bladder, digestive system, inflammation
Brown Liver, smoking, free radicals, waste products
Black Liver, alcohol, respiratory system,
Black Flecks Heavy metals, blood sugar
Red Patches Blood clots
White Cheese Acidic wastes (uric, lactic or fatty acid), yeast
Bubbles Digestive system, immune system, lymphatic toxins
Oil Film Fats, triglycerides

*Disclaimer: The Ionic Cleanse Detox System is not FDA approved.

Learn more about our Ionic Detox Practitioner:



Nia Dickens

Massage & Bodywork Therapist 



  • Single appointment - $75
  • Group of 2 - $55 Each
  • Group of 3 - $50 Each