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Healing Touch


What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is a nurturing energy therapy that works to decrease pain, calm anxiety and depression, and support your natural ability to heal. Touch is an ancient way to restore comfort to body, mind, and spirit. It is nurturing, non-invasive, safe for all ages, supports your natural ability to heal, and works in harmony with standard medical care. 

Healing Touch was founded in 1989 by Janet Mentgen, RN and uses hands-on gentle touch techniques to assist in balancing the body’s energy to promote self-healing. Practitioners receive rigorous training, and Healing Touch is now offered in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, long-term health facilities, hospices, private practices, and spas. 

Benefits of Healing Touch

  • Reduction of Stress
  • Calming of Anxiety & Depression
  • Decreasing Pain
  • Improving Immune Function
  • Enhancing Recovery from Surgery
  • Deepening Spiritual Connections
  • Supporting Cancer Care

To view research supporting these benefits, click here to visit the Healing Beyond Borders website.


Professionally Endorsed:

Healing Touch is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and is being taught in medical and nursing schools. For more information, visit www.healingbeyondborders.org.


What to expect in a session: 

In private practice, after a brief intake and assessment, the client rests comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table. After the hour session, clients often relate an experience of deep relaxation,  feeling lighter, with reduced pain and stress.  



Healing Touch
  • New Client Session - $100
  • Healing Touch Session - $75
  • 6 Session Package - $382.50

* Package expires after 8 weeks since Healing Touch produces best results when maintained on a weekly schedule.

Learn more about our Healing Touch Practitioner: 



Akal Dev brighter

Akal Dev Sharonne

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner & Yoga Instructor