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The Yoga of Plant Medicine: Soul & Science

This class is taught by:

Kitty Wells

Presented by Kitty Wells; Bio:
Award winning formulator, author and entrepreneur, Kitty is a native of Watauga County. Her family roots stretch deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, traceable through the 1600’s. Growing up as a free-range child of the mountains, she developed a deep love for Nature and the bounty of home-grown food and medicines. After graduating from the N.C. State School of Design, she spent 10 years in the media world of New York City, then 22 years in the high-tech halls of Silicon Valley, with many adventures exploring the cities, back roads, cuisines and healing traditions of Europe, Asia and North America. After further studies in sound healing, herbalism and Ayurvedic medicine, she left Silicon Valley to follow her passion for holistic wellness. She co-founded Spice Pharm with her life-long partner Frank Schwartz, combining leading-edge science and ancient wisdom to create unique wellness products. Her first products, Golden Goddess Turmeric Elixirs, were awarded a global Editor’s Choice Award by SupplySide West, the largest international forum in the nutritional industry. She loves to share her knowledge and continues to travel the globe studying and speaking about botanical and vibrational medicine. www.spicepharm.com
The Yoga of Plant Medicine: Soul & Science
with Kitty Wells
Saturday, June 16th, 10:00am-12:00pm
$20 Pre-Registration
$25 At The Door

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While plant medicines have powerful pharmacological properties that work in our bodies to prevent and heal disease, their power goes far beyond that. In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify many forms of connection or union. In its highest philosophical sense, yoga means the conscious connection of the individual self with the highest Self and to Source, where you feel connected to the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos.

When you connect with plant medicine in this larger context, new doors to well-being and consciousness open for you. Science and spirit come together in this workshop, as we explore our biological and spiritual connection with the botanical kingdom for healing on multiple levels.

You will learn:
New understanding of and relationships with plants that feed the body, mind and spirit
Wisdom from Ayurvedic medicine and ancient cultures
Breakthrough thinking from leading edge sciences of nutrigenomics and psychoneuroimmunology
The 5 root causes of illness, and how to use plant medicine to heal each level
Specific techniques and contemplative practices to open consciousness by cultivating close and dynamic relationships with plant allies and understanding their lessons

This workshop is for: Herbalists, Gardeners, Healers, Yoga philosophers, Plant lovers of all kinds.